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Who we are


DANIEL NELL ATELIER is a specialist fine art sculpture foundry on the outskirts of Pretoria east. We offer Competitive prices for superb workmanship. We take deadlines very serious no matter how small the job or how busy we may be. We Understand an artists need to deliver to their clients on time. We are Comfortable doing any size work from minute to monumental and have done some various impressively large scale work, seen in our resume. We specialize in a wide range of processes such rubber mold making, sand-casting, ceramic shell casting, investment casting and vacuum casting. We firmly believe in sowing long term relationships and truly walk that extra mile for our customers.


How we started


Daniel Nell the founder of Daniel Nell Atelier studied fine art at TUT from 2000 and was awarded a Master degree in 2009. Here he discovered his passion for casting metal. In preparation for his masters he travelled and worked in various fine art foundries internationally in search of specific methods applicable to casting fine art. Such rare skills he acquired are among others sandcasting, patternmaking and iron casting in old age style cupolas. Upon conclusion of his thesis he was in the employment of Dionysus Sculpture Works where he spends time implementing high tech technologies such as induction casting of stainless steel sculpture. After a few years urged by huge support and an yearning to further develop his own work he founded Daniel Nell Atelier, a fine bronze foundry specializing in the work of select clients including his own.